Welcome to the network
An interdisciplinary European network is crucial to having a successful career in the film industry. Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris offers you many different opportunities to link in. For example, with students from the film schools in Ludwigsburg, Paris and London. Or with well-known cooperation partners such as the broadcasters SWR or ARTE and, of course, with Atelier participants. Its activities centre around joint practical projects based on close cooperation and intensive exchange. Furthermore, Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris is a gateway to more associations that promote networking.

'Atelier Network'
'Atelier Network' is a network that crosses the different graduation years. Here the graduates can keep up their contacts with their own group and make new ones. The association keeps up the connections arising during the training year – and links them up across national borders.

'The Franco-German Film Meeting'
As the name suggests, this association promotes Franco-German cooperation. Atelier participants are able to forge valuable contacts with different experts in the French and German film industries. For example, at the annual meeting. This is an important European platform for selected experts to engage in discussion.

The association’s main aim is to harmonise production structures for coproductions between the two countries. In addition, it promotes the distribution of German or French films in the other country.


Graduates association
This association brings together many professionals from previous years and many countries. Join it and find out more about them and their activities. They now belong to a close-knit network of young European producers. From the start, the Atelier promotes a strong feeling of togetherness that will last far beyond the year you spend in training. It will be nurtured in joint projects – and in the association called “Atelier Network”.

The association offers graduates the opportunity to exchange views with more colleagues than those in their own year and group. It also assists them in launching their projects. And of course it provides young film-makers with valuable connections to the film industry - at personal encounters during the Berlinale, the Cannes film festival and the Franco-German film meeting. In addition, the association boosts the dialogue with important decision-makers through cooperation with professional associations, and festivals.

The Franco-German Film Meetings

The Franco-German Film Meeting.
The Franco-German Film Meeting is under the patronage of the Franco-German Film Academy and was founded in 2003. The association pursues the aim of boosting cooperation between the two countries in the area of film. The heart of the bilateral initiative is a consultation, the meeting, taking place every year and welcoming reputable representatives of the film business. At this event, participants can hear learn more about new developments and set up important contacts.

The Meeting is today regarded as a significant European platform for producers, distributors and other selected experts. It focuses on promoting the distribution of German and French films in the respective other country. In addition, the contributors work at harmonising production structures for Franco-German coproductions. They exchange views on what they share and where they differ in production and distribution, and work on sustainable strategies for the future. In addition, the association supports French and German film-makers intending to set up a coproduction with the other country.

For further information on the Franco-German Film Meeting see www.das-rendez-vous.org. You will also find the latest news on the French and German film industry.