Since 2000 in the film industry and initially in Paris, Vanessa Ciszewski kept focusing on international co-productions.

She was selected at the Berlinale Talent in 2006 after the ALP. In 2007, she co-produced with Kinomaton Muenchen David Dusa's short film AMIN, which won among others the Rotterdam UIP Award and was nominated for best short film at the European Film Academy.

Since 2008 in Berlin, she line produced Noaz Deshe’s debut WHITE SHADOW on Albinos hunts and killings in Tanzania, festivals hit awarded by the Lion of the Future in Venice 2013. She co-produced with Parisian Nord-Ouest Films Mikhael Hers’ awaited second feature THAT SUMMER FEELING, shot in Berlin, Paris and New-York, which premiered in Rotterdam in 2016.



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