Screenplay Mujtaba Saeed
Directed by Mujtaba Saeed
Cinematography Adrian Langenbach
Produced by Gilda Weller, Nora Helou
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Onur Kepenek
With Paolo Al Shahhaf, Diana Kadah, Katharina Walther

When an unknown pandemic strikes the world, eight-year old Adam, who lives in a refugee shelter with his mother, is quarantined. Adam, who is so bored of being stuck in his room, wants to visit his friend Sophia. Although his mother had forbidden him to leave the room he secretly sneaks out. Coming outside, he finds the disastrous consequences of fear that have taken over the place. Adam experiences a tragic journey of growth.

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