Screenplay Martin Behnke
Directed by Ben von Grafenstein
Cinematography Daniel Möller
Produced by Sarika Hemi Lakhani, Marie Garabédian
Score Mathias Klein
Edited by Sebastian Marka
With Susanne-MarieWrage, Roland Bonjour, Susanne Häusler and Susanne Cihar

Bettina, 42, has spent her whole life helping other people. She’s the director of an old people’s home. 19-year-old Jens works there too, and has mostly impressed his colleagues by being so indifferent. Bettina is on the boy’s side – until one day some packets go missing from the medicine cabinet. Should Bettina believe Jens’ protestations of innocence? Or should she give in to staff pressure and her own moral code? Torn between morality and yearning, Bettina has to take a difficult decision.

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