Screenplay Matthieu-David Cournot
Directed by Matthieu-David Cournot
Cinematography Matthieu-David Cournot
Produced by Ciarán Deeney, Dani Purer
Score Oliver Probst
Edited by Jean-Christophe Bouzy
With Jean-Pierre Bouchard and Christa Fenal

Charles Penêt is sitting in his office, rather agitated.
He has called in one of the company’s oldest employees, Jean-Philippe, to tell him that he’s been laid off. However, it proves more difficult than he had expected, for Jean-Philippe wants to keep his job, come what may. And he’s apparently prepared to go to any lengths. A duel unfolds between the two. But who’s the victim? Ultimately nothing is how it seems and the powerful company is playing its own game.

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