Screenplay Nicolas Lincy
Directed by Clémence Le Gall
Cinematography Quentin Lacombe
Produced by Salomé Karsenty, Victoria Braunholz
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Ann Sophie Wieder
With Maxime Dambrin, Emanuele Arioli, Fred Bayer, Anouchka Csernakova

At the Star Palace, Nikolaï performs his usual magic act: poetic, but a bit old-fashioned. The same evening, his career is shattered when the owner of the place announces that he will not book him again, despite the magician's promise to renew his style with “Meteor”, a new and modern trick that is very visual. Disillusioned, Nikolaï wanders in the deserted surroundings when, as if by magic, Maxime appears - it's Ariane von Star, a drag queen artist from the cabaret. He has picked up the small light diode used in Nikolaï's Meteor trick, to give it back to him. With the diode in his hand, Nikolai decides to return to the cabaret, now empty of spectators. A light appears in his left hand, then in the right. It travels with grace as if by magic from one hand to the other. Nikolaï is serene, appeased - the light goes out: he has disappeared.

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