Screenplay Oona von Maydell
Directed by Alina Yklymova
Cinematography Sina Diehl
Produced by Vera Paulmann, Martin Morales
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Maxie Borchert
Composed by Sophia Sämann, Torsten Brandes
With Esther Zimmering, Felix Jonathan Jenkins, Zazie de Paris, Roman Roth, Josefin Feiler

Emma loses her voice on stage. After this dramatic event, everything collapses, from her relationships to her career. On the brink of a precipice, she attempts a final confrontation with her shadows and traumas. During a shamanic trance on the fringes of surrealism, she meets Nino. He will lead her to that long-awaited rebirth.

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