Screenplay  Manuela Steiner
Directed by Thomas Brekle
Cinematography Nicolai Mehring
Produced by Elodie Brunner, Felix von Boehm
Score Christian Müller
Edited by Felix Rudek
Set design Aleksandra Pavlovic
With Christian Beermann, Karin Hanczewski

The short film CONTAINER tells the story of the bridge constructor Manfred who is spending his last night in a little town that has been his home for over one year. Tomorrow morning he will return with his colleagues back home. But something is keeping him there. Against his will he has fallen in love with the prostitute Paulina. She has also lived for more than one year in close to the construction ground in order to profit from it. Paulina and Manfred have spent many nights together and have gotten more close to one another than they actually wanted. They decide to spend one last night without rules together. This is how Manfred is falling into a dangerous illusion that he will have to leave behind in the morning...

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