Screenplay Emma Cascales & Rémi Bassaler
Directed by Rémi Bassaler
Cinematography Pauline Sicard
Produced by Flora Rumpler, Paul Lavaud
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Lucas Marchina
With Grace Seri, Adèle Ado, Marie Mottet, Pascal Loison

Olivia is a young undocumented immigrant. She has just been hired as a cleaning lady in a Parisian hotel. As her friend and colleague Jocelyne often reminds her, Olivia’s illegal status compels her to remain invisible in order not to draw any suspicion. But Olivia starts to suffocate under these constraining life conditions which are leaving her no intimacy. As an irrepressible desire starts to grow within herself, Olivia will have to deal with an unexpected control of identity by the police in the hotel.

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