Screenplay Sarah Bergmann
Directed by Sascha Vredenburg
Cinematography Christine Lüdge
Produced by Amos Geva, Stephen Maier
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Dennis Lutz
With Tom Riedinger, Kassidy Chaplin, Julischka Eichel, Manuela Klemm Pedreira

In post WW2 Germany, Paul (11), is desperately awaiting his father’s return home. His mother, Eva, knows that the father will not return and tries to rebuild the family with her new love, Sam, an African-American G.I. stationed in Germany after the war. It’s hard enough for Paul to accept a new man replacing his father, but an American, Black man is too much for the boy who grew up under the Nazi regime. Will it be possible to accept the former enemy into his life, can he become free from the only ideology he knows?

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