Screenplay Vasko Scholz, Simon Thummet
Directed by Philipp Klinger
Cinematography Adrian Langenbach
Produced by Margot Haiböck, Laure Dahout
Co-Production ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Moritz Poth
With Michael Stiller, Ralph Hönicke, Attila Georg Borlan, Lukas Ullrich

A bitter-sweet black comedy about one man's obsessive attempt to get a rare and valuable stamp known as the "Blue Sophia." It is the one stamp missing from his recently deceased wife's stamp collection and he's hoping that procuring it will help him overcome his grief. When he asks the members of his brass band for help, the story takes an unexpected turn, and he becomes increasingly desperate, resorting to ever crazier schemes to find the money to purchase the stamp. 

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