Screenplay Pauline Ouvrard, Pauline Laplace
Directed by Pauline Laplace
Cinematography Tarek Sami
Produced by Annabelle Bouzom, Hélène Walland
Co-Production ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Maxime Garault
With Ouahib Mortada, Felix Gonzalez, Riadh Lakhéchène, Daniel-Leonard Radu, Florian Lomon, Nicolas Rollet

In every French suburb, a trench is dug to commemorate the First World War. Thus, the neighbourhood “Chemin-de-l’Île” in Nanterre hosts a building site. During the day, locals discuss and the engines rumble. The growing concern: it’s a hurly-burly ! But at night, the calm is restored. Visitors swing by the building site, turned into a new scene where we can dream another story.

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