Screenplay  Marion Defer
Directed by Suzanne van Boxsom
Cinematography Noé Bach
Produced by Anca Chifor, Zoé Jacob
Co-production ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Guillaume Lillo
With Fabien Lagrange, Mattéo Vandeveugle, Bilal Ayadi, Marie Bray, Hervé Colombel

In summer’s heat, a lonely little boy struggles to take part in his older cousins’ games,  who go and look for an old revolver in their grandparents’ attic, enjoying the occasion of being home alone. Being left aside, the kid makes a discovery of an entirely different nature: some erotic magazines of an old fashioned charm. His cousins interrupt his moment of joy when they come to try out the loaded gun, but this fails to fire and nothing happens. Disappointed, they refocus their attention and their teasing on the kid’s discovered treasure: the magazines. This is too much: the kid takes the gun in his little hands, targets his older cousins and eventually shoots out the window, the gun goes off and terrifies the two boys, who run away. Left alone in the empty house, the little delights himself with his new readings. A sound of a horn comes to break the silence of the night. Outside, the grandparents’ car is in the middle of the road. A cow is lying down, blocking their path; on its flank, a red dot. Under the eyes of his impressed cousins, the little discovers the scene, which gives him an unexpected recognition.

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