Screenplay Jelena Ružić & Driton Sadiku
Directed by Arvid Klapper
Cinematography Adrian Langenbach
Produced by Ivanna Kozak, Ivan Zuber
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Coproduction ARTE, SWR, La Fémis
Edited by Maximilian Raible
With Magdalena Kopanja, Nenad Jezdic, Mira Banjac

The Schengen area is closed.
Seven-year-old MILICA lives in Serbia with her grandmother Baka, 72, who raised her on her own. Her grandmother, the little old house and the shimmering garden are Milica’s whole world. This haven will be shaken one summer day when Milica’s uncle Goran, 48, who has lived in Germany for 20 years, comes to visit them. He is not there for a family reunion: Baka is seriously ill, an operation is imminent and her chances of survival are slim. She asks her son Goran to take the little girl with him to Germany. This puts Goran in a difficult situation: without passport, it is impossible for Milica to cross the border without her parents. Goran will have to use the passport of his own son to bring the young girl back with him to Germany. The plan is complicated further as Goran has trouble gaining the trust of his niece. Baka never told Milica about her disease, nor about the trip to come. As her grandmother is cutting her hair, Milica cries and resigns herself to what awaits her. Dressed like a boy in the back of Goran’s car who brings her to an unknown destiny, Milica and Goran are approaching the border. Will Goran manage to gain the trust of deeply hurt Milica?

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