Screenplay Michael Pröhl, Florian Schwarz, Li Schiffer
Directed by Li Schiffer
Cinematography Tim Günther
Edited by Dorothee Broeckelmann
Produced by Anais Dupuis, Hélène Segol
Score Philipp E. Kümpel
Set design Eric Ségol
With Alexander Beyer, Zora Holt, Nike Fuhrmann, Kordula Kohlschmitt, Eva Nikolai, Célia Kim, Corinne Cherepak

A man is clumsily preparing a meal for the woman he has a date with. The evening doesn’t go according to plan. The woman next door disturbs his preparations with an urgent question. After a horrible misunderstanding, the neighbour dies from a knife wound in the stomach. Misfortune continues to torment the protagonist; all the women who live in the house will die. The film shows the unusual fate of a single man plagued by bad luck who just can’t find a partner.

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