Written and directed by Bidzina Kanchaveli
Cinematography Peter Matjasko
Edited by Petra Scherer
Produced by Mikolaj Pokromski, Elena von Sauken
Score Rosely Maia
Set design Maria Murais
With Ivan Shvedoff, Anna Noack, Francesca Strauss, Caroline Castner, Anne von Keller, Lisa Sommerfeld, Sara Sommerfeld, Marie-Ulrike Garg

Naked and pale as corpses, seven women long to enter a man’s claustrophobic and yet infinite inner world, where there’s only room for him and his goose. Lovingly, swaying uncertainly or dancing, they try in vain to break through to the toilet but are all turned away emphatically. The man soon despairs of this female visitation and withdraws, until a newly laid egg brings his goose salvation and reveals the absurd secret of the women and his existence.

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